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Patient Testimonials


"Dr. Dash was awesome! Fifteen years ago he did my hernia surgery so I decided to come to him when I started having vein issues. He was totally outstanding with my vein surgery! I would absolutely recommend him to others." - Crystal


"Originally I was concerned seeing an office with only one physician but I am so glad I did. Dr. Dash took the time to listen to my fears and addressed every questions I had. I did not feel rushed at all. My fears were alleviated and Michelle and Ally helped me schedule my procedures and follow up appointments with ease. Thank you so much to The Vein and Laser Center of NJ for all their help. I feel a thousand times better now!" - Debbie 


"Dr Dash took his time to explain what my ailment is, and showed a genuine interest in not only what symptoms I was having but as a person and recommended some lifestyle changes. Very sincere in his approach to my problems. His staff is terrific, makes you feel very comfortable and offers tea/coffee, reading material if visit is extended." - Joe 


"Everyone has been courteous. Short wait time." - Charles


"Dr Dash is an amazing doctor. My legs look and feel amazing. No wait time In the waiting room." - Susan


"Dr Dash is an incredibly knowledgeable doctor. My legs look better now at 60 then they did when I was 18 years old! Thank you Dr Dash!" - MaryBeth


 "I went to Dr Dash for varicose veins in my legs. He spent extra time explaining my condition to me and the treatments. Ali his ultrasound person was amazing. She was gentle, kind, and timely. DD his assistant explained what was going to happen and eased my fears. The girls up front were exceptional. Thank you Vein & Laser Center of New Jersey!" - Beth


"Dr Dash has many years of experience in the vascular field. He is calm and compassionate. He doesn't rush you, he takes his time to get to know you and your illness well, so he can provide you with the best possible advice. I am very pleased with the overall results I have gotten for my varicose veins treatment." - Kathy


"Dr. Dash treated me for a severe and dangerous case of varicose veins. The results have been spectacular. I found Dr. Dash and his staff to be skillful, caring and highly professional. I highly recommend him." - Ronald


"I was given an appointment with relative ease. I was treated respectfully and kindly by both Dr Dash and his staff. My diagnosis was made and I was treated with excellent results!" - John


"I would definitely recomment Dr. Dash to all of my friends. He is very professional. My legs ached before having my procedures done and no doctor would listen to me. But Dr. Dash figured out the problem right away!" - Beatriz


 "Dr. Dash is very professional, courteous bedside manner, and a good experience with maximum results. I am very satisfied and would recommend Dr. Dash to others seeking treatment." - Maureen


"I had serious swelling, discoloration, and ulcerations but Dr. Dash was kind and took the time to really listen to my concerns. He saved my life and I feel like I can now run again!" -Darrel


"I called on a Monday when the office was closed. Ally returned my call right away and came in on her day off to scan me followed by Dr. Dash. I can't say enough good things about this office and their staff. Because of them my blood clot was diagnosed and treated quickly, keeping me out of the hospital." - Christie


"I had terrible purple and blue veins on my legs. I was so embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or shorts in the summer. After a few sessions of cosmetic sclerotherapy, I can't believe how amazing my legs look now! Thank you Dr. Dash!" - Kelly


"I accidentally arrived at the wrong office on the day of my procedure, but the doctor's staff was understanding completely and told me they'd wait in the correct office for me to arrive. I was so flustered and stressed but was immediately calmed down by the staff. Amazing office and I highly recommend." - June

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